Records and Statistics of Napoli Football Club

Some Best Players

Becoming one of the largest fan-based in Italy, Napoli football club has indeed good track records in several important championships. Let’s find out the records and statistics of this club below.

The Biggest Winning and Losing Moment

The most successful winning made by Napoli was in 1955-1956. It was Serie A championship when the club defeated Pro Patria with the score 8 – 1. A lot of fans cheered in every city because of this victory. Besides, it was such a big difference score between the opponent’s team. Meanwhile, one of the biggest championships made the club totally lost it. It was during 1927 – 1928 season, the unforgettable time for Napoli club to face that they lost 11 – 0 from Torino.

Top Goal Scorer

Talking about the players, let’s talk about the most famous top goal scorer of this club. He is Marek Hamsik that steals the spotlight. His official appearances are almost 500 with the total 403 appearances for the league too for more than 11 years since 2007. He becomes the top goal scorer with his 120 goals in total.

After Marek Hamsik, Diego Maradona is the second most famous goal scorer from this club. He made 115 goals during his performance when he was still the player of this club. Maradona is also called as capocannoniere in Italian. During the 1987 – 1988 seasons, he made 15 goals in total.

gonzalo higuain
gonzalo higuain

The next goal scorer is Antonio Vojak. He played in one of the major leagues which are the Divisione Nazionale Tournament. He has 106 goals. Coming after Antonio Vojak is Gonzalo Higuain as the next top goal scorer. He made around 36 goals in 2015 – 2016. He made this club gained more recognition during that time especially among other clubs in Serie A. In 2016, Gonzalo Higuain was the highest football transfer in the third place of all time. He also was the highest transfer player from all Italian football clubs especially when he decided to join with Juventus and signed €90 million contracts.

Recent Most Goal Scorer

Recently, Napoli Football Club is on the second place in the table of Serie A. This club the last match was against Bologna with the result 3:2 that made the team won. There are several names in this season games all leagues. They are including Arkadiusz Milik with 22 goals, Dries Martens with 19 goals, Lorenzo Insigne with 14 goals, Fabian with 7 goals, Piotr Zielinski with 7 goals, and Jose Maria Callejon with 6 goals.


That’s all the records and statistics of Napoli Football Club. The top goal scorer and their best winning and losing moments are clearly a result of hard work, passion, and determination to be one of the best Italian football clubs.

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