Nicknames, Badge, and Colors of Napoli Football Club

Colors of Napoli Football Club

There are several things to know when you want to be closer to your favorite football club. Those things know the nicknames, badge, and colors of a football club. Napoli Football Club is one of the famous Italian football clubs that has millions of fans that enjoy judi online. Let’s see the true meaning behind its nicknames, badge, and colors.

The Nicknames of the Club

Certain football clubs usually have several nicknames. Napoli Football Clubs are one of those clubs who have them too. One of the famous nicknames of this club is in Italian; ‘I Ciucci’. In the local language, that nickname means ‘the donkeys’. It is actually a poor nickname given to this club due to their worse performance in 1926 – 1927 seasons. Actually, it was supposed to be derogatory. The fans were really disappointed and meant that nickname as a critique as the club’s symbol is a rampant horse in black color. To be able to handle the poor nickname, the club adopted that meaning of the nickname to be the name of their mascot which is called as ‘O Ciuccio” in Italian.

Colors of Napoli Football Club
Colors of Napoli Football Club

The other nickname that is also popularly called is ‘Partenope’. It is also the name for the people who are from the city of Naples. The originality of that nickname is taken from mythology from Greece where Parthenope siren enchanted sweet song to lure Odysseus when he sailed to Capri by his ship. Odysseus asked his men to tie him up to the mast of the ship, so he could resist the sweet song from the siren creature. As Odysseus rejected Parthenope, she couldn’t live anymore and died because she drowned herself. People said her body was washed up on Naple’s shore.

The Color of the Club

The badge of the club is dominated by blue color. It is clear that the color is a representation of Naples territory as it is a coastal city. That color is from the Gulf of Naples’ waters. Actually, when this club was still called Naples FBC, the club’s colors actually are from two different shades of blue. But, it changed in 1920 when the club only used one type of blue which is called as azure. That’s why Napoli also has ‘Azzurri’ nickname to call the Italian national football team. The blue color of this club’s badge also refers to the sky.

Colors of Napoli Football Club
Colors of Napoli Football Club

The Badge of the Club

The club features a capital ‘N’ on their badge. That letter ‘N’ is in a circle. Usually, the color of the letter is white and sometimes can be gold. You can see that letter as the representative of the club’s name on the player’s t-shirt.

Napoli has indeed adapted interesting philosophy for their badge, color, and nicknames. Mostly, it is taken from their root, the city of Naple and Italy. Some of them is an influence from Greek mythology.

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