Information about Napoli Football Club Team

Information about Napoli

Information about Napoli Football Club Team

Information about Napoli

Information about Napoli Football Club Team. S.S.C Napoli or Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli is a football team club originating from Italia. This group has base camp in Naples, Campania. The S.S.C Napoli plays their roles in Serie A. Serie A or also referred to s Serie A TIM is a football competition for football clubs that are located on top of Italian soccer group system. S.S.C Napoli has won two championships league titles, two Supercoppa award, six Coppa award as well as one UEFA Cup award.

The Napoli football team was established in the year of 1962. This football club then achieved success in 1980s after the team had received Diego Maradona as one of the team members. Maradona had helped this Napoli team to win a number of trophies and awards during his role in Naples. This event then led the Napoli club to retire the jersey number 10.

S.S.C Napoli Struggled

Throughout this phase, Napoli received triumph and acquired titles of sole league in 1987 as well as in 1990. After his departure from the team, however, the S.S.C Napoli struggled monetarily and they had to endure numerous demotions before being renewed in 2004 by Aurelio De Laurentiis, a film producer. Under his new lead, the Napoli can get back on its feet, and this led to the team success on-field, by winning Coppa Italia Awards in the years of 2012, 2014, and the year 2020.

By their fan base, the S.S.C Napoli falls on the fourth biggest fan base in Italy. The team was also got rank as the fifth football team with the highest-earning in Serie A. The team received $182 million of revenue throughout the 18 seasons in 2017. In the year of 2018, the business magazine from America named Forbes made estimation that the S.S.C Napoli Club was one of the most precious football clubs in Italy and the team was on the fifth rank. Napoli team is also one of European Football Club Association members.

Since the year of 1959, the Napoli club has played football at Stadio San Paolo. At that time until up to this day, the members have worn shirts in sky blue color with white shorts. The S.S.C Napoli football team is also having a long time rivalry competition with Roma as well as a rivalry with football Club Palermo. The Napoli club has anthem song named “O surdato ‘nnammurato”.

The Brief History

The very first Napoli football club was created with the name Naples Cricket Club and Football in the year of 1905 by William Poths (He was an English Sailor) and his associate named Hector M. Bayon. William Poths was a man from British and he was a man who also contributed to how the football club in this city was formed. Poth was an amateur football player and he liked to play football when he had free time. After that, Poth then decided to establish a football team club in Italy. He conducted a meeting with his associate British man called Mr. Bayon and three other native people from Naple named Catterina, Amedeo Salsi and Conforti.

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